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The filigree is a metalworking technique very typical of Portuguese goldsmithery. In Portugal, filigree artifacts were found that date back to 2500-2000 BC. During the Etruscan and Roman period of the 6th to 3rd centuries BC, the art of filigree advanced to its highest level of perfection. India also has a rich and fervent filigree tradition. It is probable that here and in other parts of central Asia, jewelers were influenced by the Greeks that migrated East and settled in their midst. For this reason, modern Indian jewelry, exhibits the same design patterns of those of ancient Greece!

This technique was incorporated into the rich heritage of Portuguese goldsmithery for the representation of motives related to national history and culture, such as crucifixes, Malta crosses, hearts of Viana do Castelo, reliquaries, necklaces, queen earrings.

The delicate use of very thin wire results in objects give the illusion of broidery in gold and silver, in complex objects that simbolize the sea, the nature, religion or love.


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Few things symbolize spring as sweetly as a brood of fuzzy baby chicks. Let’s celebrate the beginning of spring with a visit to the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship where we’ll meet Los Angeles-based photographer Candice Sedighan’s amazing dog Champ. Champ is an 11-year-old Golden Retriever and the primary subject of Sedighan’s photographs.

After Candice became the temporary caretaker of a box full of chicks, she decided to introduce them to Champ:

"Initially I was unsure about how Champ would react to them," Candice says. "I carefully introduced him to just one chick in my hand to see how he would react while I was petting it. He didn’t mind the chick at all and just curiously and gently sniffed it. I think one of the biggest reasons he didn’t want to hurt the chick was the way I introduced it to him. He is also much more obedient after years of training and getting used to me photographing him. In 2012, I photographed him with live butterflies on his nose and I’m sure that photoshoot helped prepare him as well.

"Senior dogs are also just undeniably sweet and full of wisdom. One of my biggest goals, through my photos, is to show others that senior dogs can be cute, too! It seems that puppy photos and videos are quite popular these days, and, of course, puppies are adopted much more quickly in shelters and rescues. I hope these photos help people have a change of heart and give seniors a chance!"

As for the chicks, Candice is donating them to the teaching farm at a local college. Follow Candice and Champ on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.

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I can’t take the cuteness-squee!!

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